S I O B H A N    O'G R A D Y  

I got involved with the Alzheimer’s Association office in 2011 because I wanted to give back in some way for what it did with my mother. My father was diagnosed at the young age of 64 in 2009. My mother was his caregiver -- and, as expected -- she threw herself into that noble cause completely. As a result, she wasn't taking care of herself.

We watched her wasting away, and if it continued, she probably would have been gone before him. But the Alzheimer’s Association saved her life. We got her involved in the caregiver support groups, and it literally saved her. She met some amazing friends, all caregivers. It gave her an outlet that we couldn’t give her, and she flourished.

So I decided I needed to give back, and I started Team O’Grady to raise money for the cause. In the past five years, we have raised $100,000. My family hosts multiple fundraisers every year, and we attend the Rockland walk every October.

Sadly, my father passed away on March 29, 2013, which happened to be his 69th birthday, but his memory lives on in us, and we will never forget.

Siobhan O'grady